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Here are answers to some of the most common questions about flying into Duluth.

Where can I get fuel at the Duluth Airport?

Monaco Air Duluth is the only FBO and source of fuel for GA customers. You can get current fuel pricing on their website at

Where can I park my aircraft?

Monaco Air Duluth coordinates parking for transient GA customers. Most GA aircraft park directly on the Monaco Ramp located midfield, south of RWY 9/27. When the Monaco Ramp is congested, they may park you on the Midfield Ramp located just west of the Monaco Ramp.

What are the FBO’s hours of operation?

The FBO is available whenever you need it. Our official hours are 24/7 for 365 days/year.

What are the Tower’s hours of operation?

The FAA tower is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is the ARFF fire-fighting index?

Index B

Where do I get braking action reports during weather events?

The Tower will always have the latest Mu readings and relay them upon request. The Airport Authority reports updated Mu readings and airfield conditions on the CWS website located at

What instrument approaches are available at the Duluth Airport?

Published instrument approaches are available for all four DLH runways. The approach plates can be viewed at

How do I contact the 148th Fighter Wing?

  • Customer Service (Military ID)
    (218) 788-7212
  • Airman and Family Readiness
    (218) 788-7833
  • Recruiting Office
    (218) 788-7818
  • Wing Executive Officer
    (218) 788-7258
  • Public Affairs Office
    (218) 788-7274

How do I contact the Duluth Airport Authority?

The Duluth Airport Authority can be reached at (218) 727-2968

Are flight planning facilities available?

Yes. A complete flight planning facility is available at the FBO, Monaco Air Duluth. For details, visit

I’m arriving on an international flight plan. How do I arrange for U.S. Customs?

In advance of your arrival, notify the FBO, Monaco Air Duluth. They will coordinate to have U.S. Customs on site for your scheduled arrival time.

In advance of your arrival, please notify the U.S. Customs Duluth Office at (218) 720-5201. Click on the Customs button below to go to the Monaco Air webpage which describes U.S. Customs procedures and contains links to the necessary forms.


Are there A&P mechanics available at the Duluth Airport?

Yes. The FBO, Monaco Air Duluth, has A&P mechanics on staff and available to help with any repairs and maintenance your aircraft needs.

I’m flying in to visit Cirrus Design. How do I contact them?

You can call Cirrus Design at (800) 279-4322.